Frequently Asked Questions

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Bounce Houses - Magic Act - Clowns - Concessions              

How long does it take to set up?

​Delivery and Set Up:

-Bounce Party Mania will deliver, set up and take down the equipment.

-Set up and pick up normally takes about 15-30 minutes.

-Rentals are 4 hours Overnight rentals are available. 

Where do you guys set up the bounce house?

Location of set up:

-The best place for set up would be a level grassy area.

-Sandy areas tend to track sand into inflatable.

-All inflatable's are anchored down. If you need to set up on concrete, asphalt please let us know. We must be notified of a     concrete/asphalt setup before delivery.

-Make sure there are no underground irrigation pipes and/or buried telephone cables or electric lines close to the perimeter of the bounce site.

-Please do not run sprinklers or mow lawn the same day in the setup area.

​-Please make sure the setup area is clear of any waste/debris. 

Do we need an extension cord?

Power source:

-All of the items require a power source. The standard household outlet (110) will be fine.
-We supply an 100 foot extension cord please keep that in mind when thinking of the placement of the inflatable item.

-Be sure to test your outdoor outlets, if you don't use them often, you may not be aware they don't work until time for use. 
Space required for set up:

-Please allow a 20’ by 20’ area for the standard moonwalk. Keep in mind that moonwalks also have different heights from 15’ to 24’. 

Do I have to sign anything?

-The inflatable item will not be set up unless the contract/ liability waiver is signed.
Deposit & Payment:

-Payment can be made in the form of cash, check, visa, or MasterCard at the time of set up. 
Rain Policy:

​-Our moonwalks do have a roof on them, however if there will be high chance of an all day rain and you do not wish to keep your reservation you may reschedule with a rain date. There is a non refund policy at the discretion of Bounce Party Mania. Please contact Bounce Party Mania at
201-245-8649 immediately if you need to reschedule.

-Courtesy Rain Dates may only be used during the weekdays, Sundays or non peak days.