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Safety is the most important factor to all families, especially during physical play. It is also crucial to the success of the business. Bounce houses are extremely safe and a fun way for kids to burn off energy while playing.Here are some guidelines for using our Inflatables:

Set rules and make sure every one follows them. Teach your group of children that are playing in the bounce house the correct way to use the Inflatable. Kids usually love to play hard, this is the easiest way to cause injuries and ruin a party. Kids should be of about the size and weight. it is not recommended safe to have 10 year old children playing at the same time as four year old children. Most parents usually have their own rules that work but here are some very important guidelines:

​Don't play too rough.
Make sure there is plenty of space between players.
Avoid close contact with other players to avoid bumping heads.
No wrestling moves, stunts or flipping.
Do not let everybody slide at the same time because the kids at the bottom of the slide will get trampled.
Do not ever slide head first to avoid a head injury and always slide feet first.
Do not jump while sliding down because most likely you will land on the ground and get hurt.
Never climb or stand on the side of the slide.
​Do not climb or hang on to the safety net.
No food allowed inside or no chewing gum ( choking hazard ).
No toys or sharp objects allowed inside.
Do not wear any shoes, glasses, loose clothing, head gear, jewelry, helmet inside of the inflatable.

Monitor the weather forecast:
​Do not use the inflatable while it is raining, windy or sever weather.
Do not use inflatable during 15 mph winds. 
Do not leave blower outside in the rain, bring it indoors.

Power Supply:​

Do not use the blower with any solid-state speed control device such as a dimmer switch. Disconnect the blower if it needs to be moved. If or when not in use, unplug and store inside. Do not plug in the blower in the same outlet while using other devices like DJ equipment, radio or any other electrical devices that may over load the circuit. In the event that your circuit overloads, it will cause the inflatable to deflate.

Protect children and protect the Inflatable.

Keep heat or flames away from inflatable at all times. This will burn, melt and damage the inflatable causing product failure. 
Do not exceed the weight limit or the unit may fail.
Bounce house attendant or supervisor will go over weight limit.
No pets are allowed inside the inflatable.
No smoking inside or near the inflatable


Certain medical conditions are unsafe while being inside of an inflatable. Please consult your physician if you have any concerns or questions about playing in an inflatable toy or if you have any of these conditions listed below:

Neck, back, or joint injuries
heart problems
circulatory problems
other health concerns